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How to get started with Matrix

Synapse Installation

Installing Synapse, a homeserver implementation written in Python


Matrix FAQ


How to manage and moderate Matrix rooms

If you want to…Then read…
Just get started!Getting Involved, which explains various ways of getting started with Matrix


the FAQ, where we try to answer all your questions relating to Matrix
Understand the CS APIHow to use the client-server API, which explains in detail how to use the CS API.
Useful if you want to write a client (or modify an existing one) - or if you’re just interested in how it works “under the hood”
Get started with the CS API using …
… JavaScriptUsage of the matrix-js-sdk
… PythonMatrix Python SDK documentation
Understand Application ServicesThe Application services guide introduces them and explains what they can be used for
See an example of a simple bottiny-matrix-bot source code
Create a complete working chatbotUsing Matrix to make Chatbot software from the 1960s available in 2018 goes from the basics, brings in matrix-js-bot-sdk, and ends with deployment on a Raspberry Pi
Work on Bridges to MatrixTypes of Bridging should be read by all bridge developers to ensure everyone has the same mental map of terminology when implementing bridges
Migrate from the old v1 CS APIthe v1 migration guide which justs lists the changes from v1 to r0
Use E2E in a client applicationThe End-to-end Encryption Implementation Guide is intended for client developers who wish to add support for end-to-end encryption to their clients
Install SynapseInstalling Synapse Guide
… using Dockerthe Synapse Docker README
Understand Moderation in MatrixModeration in Matrix

Guides List

This collection of guides is taken from around the web. If you have used a guide, and recommend it, please go ahead and click “Recommend” on the right, and we’ll use this to sort the articles by recommendations.

Introduction for Users

Guide to and riot.imMichael SnoymanEnglish
Riot Matrix from La ForestaLa Foresta teamItalian
IRC for the 21st Century: Introducing RiotJustin W. FloryEnglish

Introduction for Developers

Enter the MatrixBrendanEnglish
Obtain Access Tokens from RiotTravisREnglish
Testing the client-server API using cURLRick CogleyEnglish
Made for Matrix Badge Guidelines (add this to your project page)matrix.orgEnglish

Installing Synapse

To install Synapse, we recommend taking a look at the Installing Synapse guide page. Other articles are listed below.

Understanding End-to-End Encryption

An introduction to end-to-end encryption in Matrix and RiotHubert ChathiEnglish

Riot Customisation

Setting a default color scheme (tint) for Riot on your accountTravisREnglish

Video Guides