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This is a Matrix client-server SDK for Python 2.7 and 3.4+

Community discussion on usage of this SDK and development of this SDK can be found at

Documentation can be found at JS SDK's JS SDK. MatrixKit (iOS)'s reusable UI interfaces for iOS.

Matrix Client SDK for GLib

A client-server SDK for GLib >= 2.40. It contains both raw API calls and a signal based asynchronous client.

Net::Async::Matrix (Perl)

LeoNerd's Net::Async::Matrix client SDK library for Perl:


libqmatrixclient is a Qt-based library to make IM clients for Matrix. Quaternion is a reference client using its features; together with the library they form the QMatrixClient project. The SDK is also used by Spectral and uMatriks.

The project lives in QMatrixClient GitHub space. Aside from the dedicated Matrix room (see above), news about the library are regularly posted to This Week in Matrix.

Drupal matrix_api module

A Drupal API module to facilitate posting messages into Matrix rooms.


Official Golang Matrix client SDK, as used by go-neb and others

Matrix Java SDK

The Java SDK provides a low level (I/O synchronous) object oriented library to interact with Matrix. It is aimed to regular clients, bots, bridges and generic Application Services.

It is currently work in progress, is incomplete and is early alpha.


Glitch in the Matrix

Glitch in the Matrix is a set of (minimal) Matrix bindings for Rust.


Module for Godot Engine that lets you easily integrate a Matrix client into a game developed using Godot (for example for in-game chat, matchmaking, lobbies, or something else entirely). Source

Matrix on Haxe

Implementation of client-server matrix API in haxe using HaxeHttpClient.

haxelib Source


Perl6 Matrix client. github


Bots on matrix often have very different requirements than regular clients or users. This SDK is aimed towards making bots more lightweight and responsive. Much of the library is a direct proxy to the client/server API, however it abstracts away the HTTP part as much as possible.

The source, and more information, can be found on GitHub.


mautrix-python is a Python 3 asyncio Matrix framework.


A Golang Matrix framework.


SDK built on top of Boost.Asio

Ruby Matrix SDK

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Available on [github]({{ page.repo }}), and on as matrix_sdk.

Some examples can be found on [github]({{ page.repo }}/tree/master/examples) as well.

Racket Matrix SDK

Available on [GitLab]({{ page.repo }}). Still very early stages and only useful to developers already familiar with both the Matrix client API and the Racket language.


A Matrix library for C# UWP.


A Botkit connector for Matrix


$ npm install botkit-matrix


let config = {
    'baseUrl': '',
    'botUserId': '',
    'password': 'yourpassword',
    'localStorage': 'filepath'

.then((controller) => {

    controller.hears(['hi', 'hello'], 'message_received', function (bot, message) {
        bot.reply(message, "Hello, world!");

You can get a sample bot at botkit-matrix-sample

For more features see Botkit Core