Why not matrix.org?

Matrix could be described as what happens when email, instant messaging and encryption meet. To be able to use Matrix, you need a Matrix account which is provided by... a provider! The matrix accounts identifiers look like @username:example.com. People on different providers can talk to one another, in the same way you can send emails to someone using another email provider.

Matrix.org is the largest, free provider of Matrix accounts. Many people have an identifier like @username:matrix.org. This also means that the Matrix.org servers are crowded. Using your own provider as an individual can not only make your Matrix experience snappier, but also give you access to a set of pre-configured bridges to talk to friends on other networks such as Signal or WhatsApp.

Organisations and community managers will be interested in providers for two main reasons: they can proudly display their identity with their own domain in username and rooms identifiers, and their administrators remain in control of the data of their organisation.

The following providers have been brought to the attention of the Matrix.org Foundation. Please note that the Matrix.org Foundation doesn't endorse them, nor provides any warranties for using them.

Known providers

Logo of Communick


Operating since 2018

Communick is a service provider for open source messaging and social media platforms. Hosted in Germany, it provides fully managed Synapse homeservers for those looking to be in control of their media presence and also provides a flagship instance at matrix.communick.com for subscribers that value decentralization and are just looking for a stable, less popular server. As a form to support open source, Communick pledges to give 20% of its profits to the open source projects that it offers, so by becoming a customer you'll be also directly ensuring the continued development of the Matrix ecosystem.

For information about different hosting plans, please check our Matrix service webpage.

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Logo of fairkom


Operating since 2015

  • Hosting (large) homeservers
  • Consulting for Matrix based messenger solutions
  • Customization of clients and apps
  • Voice & video call integration
  • Standard and custom bridges
  • Scalable deployments on kubernetes
  • On premise deployment and operations support
  • Integration with Identity Management Systems

fairkom has been building and hosting chat solutions with various open source frameworks. We are now focussing on Matrix based solutions as interoperability is a key demand of customers and users. Our largest deployment scales for half a million pupils, for whom we developed an app for smartphones with additional educational features. Hosting is climate neutral and GDPR compliant. Try fairmatrix

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Logo of Element Matrix Services

Element Matrix Services

Operating since 2018

Brought to you by the creators of Matrix, who have been running the biggest homeserver in the network since 2014. Every homeserver comes with a custom instance of Element.

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Logo of Ungleich.ch


Operating since 2020

Zero Carbon Matrix is provided by ungleich.ch in Switzerland, in their own Datacenter (datacenterlight.ch) with a strong focus on sustainability. Operating within a repurposed historic building, they utilise pre-owned server systems, passive cooling techniques, and 100% renewable energy. ungleich.ch also specialises in customised Matrix development for communities and organisations.

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Logo of etke.cc


Operating since 2021

etke.cc is the only fully FOSS-based Matrix Hosting service. It's operated by a team of active members of the self-hosting community. Based on matrix-docker-ansible-deploy, but hassle-free (SaaS) and contains improvements, extra addons and support. Get hosted on rented servers or use your own infra (on any provider) in a non-vendor-lock-in way.

Matrix Space | Announcements on Matrix

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Logo of Ossrox


Operating since TBC

  • Hosted Homeservers

Ossrox is a company from Germany dedicated to hosting open-source services. Not only has the company name been derived from the motto "Open-Source Software Rocks", but also their corporate culture. The three most important principles of the company are security, privacy and sustainability - thanks to open-source software. In addition to Matrix, Ossrox also provides many other solutions e.g. in the messaging, groupware and web meeting segments.

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Logo of Federated Computer

Federated Computer

Operating since 2022

  • Hosted Homeservers

Federated Computer provides Element and Matrix hosting as part of a team collaboration suite (including Nextcloud, Jitsi, Listmonk, Vaultwarden, Baserow, Gitea, Caddy, Castopod, Wireguard, and single-sign-on LDAP).

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Logo of IndieHosters


Operating since 2016

  • Hosted Homeservers
  • Hosted collaborative tools

We are a French collective specialized in hosting FOSS software and aimed at building a digital common, with a particular emphasis on collaboration.

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Logo of Datanauten


Operating since 2022

  • Hosted Homeservers
  • Bridge Solutions: Installation and configuration of Bridges including Slack, Teams, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

The Datanauten Matrix Homeserver offers an easy entry into the open and interoperable communication system of the future.

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