Open Tech Will Save Us #19

People start to be familiar with password managers, which are a good way to mitigate the proliferation of accounts ruling our digital lives. On the enterprise side, past a certain size for the company the proliferation of accounts is solved by SSO.

Let's talk about everything identity, the state of the art, the impact is has on users, on administrators, why companies decide to deploy such projects, whether it can make sense for smaller scale deployments, and much more.

  • Jens from Authentik, the supercharged all-in-one identity system will tell us about everything identity: why not just letting services have their base of accounts, what is the state of the art, is this just a systems administrators thing or does it benefit users as well?
  • Quentin who works on a deeper integration of OpenID Connect in Matrix will reveal the not so secret plans he has to take advantage of what OpenID Connect has to offer so Matrix users get the best experience in the long run.